Repairs & Maintenance

The best you can do for your IPL and laser beauty machine is to have it serviced on a regular basis as you would your car.

The most crucial part of the IPL and laser beauty machine that needs to be maintained is the cooling system. The cooling system includes the water tank, the pump, solenoid valves, radiator, water flow sensor and all of the silicone joins and pipe. If the cooling system is not working in an optimum condition;  or the water flow is restricted due to mineral deposits or build up or gunk, it can lead to very expensive repairs.


Hand pieces over heat, pumps fail or even worse water leaks which can potentially damage the electrical system.

Aestec Australia has an experienced team of service technicians with over 30 years experience Australia wide who can inspect, assess and repair your IPL and laser beauty machine.

Click here to see what happens when the cooling system is not maintained.

Click here to see the damage of an over heated hand piece

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