Fractional Rf Microneedling

By Aestec Australia


 Fractional RF micro needling is effective for the treatment of severe and moderate acne scarring combining two beauty treatments in one Radio Frequency and Microneedling.

It also improves the skin’s firmness and

elasticity and  rids of any textural irregularities.

During the procedure, tiny micro-needles

are inserted into the skin at different depths.

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The output control is automatic and the sterilised disposable needle tip make the procedure safe and secure. The treatment is entirely painless with minimal down-time! This little beauty device is a must for your salon

Radio waves emitted through the needles heat the tissues gently without overheating the cells. As the skins surface remains protected from the heat energy, there is no risk of any pigment change or damage to the skin.

Aestec Australia's Pollux is also capable of non-surgical Face and Eye Lifting, Wrinkle reduction, Stretch marks treatment, Scar removal and skin tightening.


Fractional RF Micro Needling Device Specifications