Preventative Maintenance

Good quality, reliable beauty machines are crucial to the success of any beauty salon. Nothing more frustrating than having to cancel or reschedule a day or weeks worth of client. Don't let the breakdown of the machine or hand piece ruin your day, costing you clients and money. Proper maintenance has many benefits and enhances the longevity of your machine.

Regular maintenance

  • Ensuring that the water level is monitored.

  • Power cords are firmly plugged in.

  • Dust around the machine making sure the fan grills are free from dust

  • Don't over stretch the hand piece cord, move the machine closer to you. You run the risk of braking the water pipes or breaking the wiring.

  • Between each client, make sure the gel is completely removed. Don't let it accumulate around the crystal head


Monthly maintenance

  • If the IPL/SHR machine is being used all day, every day. It doesn't hurt to flush the cooling system.  Not sure how, contact us to find out how.

Every Few Months

  • Replace the water (especially if you are using your machine daily)

6 months

  • Have the machine serviced. With regular maintenance and services any parts that have the potential to fail, can be identified before 'that day' arises.

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