Repairs & Maintenance


IPL/SHR use a unique method of technology gradually heating the skin until the required level of heat/energy is delivered directly to the hair follicle NOT the surrounding skin. This is achieved by the internal cooling system flowing from the machine into the hand piece itself.


Located within the IPL/SHR hand piece are four main components that are integral to the performance of your treatment. They are the lamp, light guide (with bonded filter for SHR), peltier module and cavity reflector which should be replaced on a regular basis.



Failing to do so will result in poor treatment results and potential loss of clients.

Most Common Hand Piece Problems

These are just a few of the common problems that can impact the hand piece. Aestec Australia can professional repair, including:

  • Water leaking

  • Damaged Triggers

  • Old / Cracked lamps

  • Cavities need to be replaced

  • Aged/pitted cracked crystal

  • Cracked and heat affected fixed filters

  • Broken shell cover

  • Damaged hose cover

  • Cooling issues

Aestec Australia can replace or refurbish your IPL/SHR hand piece, sourcing high quality OEM or genuine components. 

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General Daily Maintenance for All Handpieces

To ensure that the hand piece operates in an optimum mode, daily maintenance is important.

1 - Look for cracks in the casing as a result of being dropped.

2 - Unexpected rattling in the hand piece

3 - Cord detaching from the hand piece.

4 - Check for spots on the light guide (crystal)

5 - Check interchangeable filter for cracks, chips or hot spots (elight).

6 - In between each client wipe down and remove all gel (if applicable)

7 - Use a cotton bud to wipe between any grooves on the case, around the tip of the light guide, around the button

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Micro/Hydrodermabrasion Wands

With the micro/hydrodermabrasion machine, generally the wands are unable to be repaired. Should the covers develop cracks, the silicone water tubing discolour or loose vacuum. It is time to replace them. Unfortunately these wands need to be replaced.

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